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I was first introduced to CUE Ltd 3 years ago at Caterpillar when I was looking into virtual reality training to change the way we learn and teach our employees. I was very sceptical at first about virtual reality but Andy King and the team at CUE ltd put my mind at ease over a few meetings and explained what they can do for me and how it will improve the way we teach at Caterpillar. I’m now 5 projects in with CUE Ltd and there are many more projects in the pipeline to be designed with them, it’s made a massive impact how we train at Caterpillar.

The help, guidance and support I’ve had from Andy and the Team has been second to none always on the end of the phone to support or help if anything arises. I’m looking forward to working with CUE Ltd for many years to come and seeing where we can push our training at Caterpillar to.

Andy Frisby
CPS Learning Team Section Manager , 6 Sigma Black Belt