About us

CUEi is a creative development studio specialising in enterprise use of game engine technology. We work across a wide range of sectors with a growing reputation for our projects in the OEM and engineering space.

We have extensive experience in the use of real-time game engine technologies in the enterprise world. Our design, art and development teams are all domestic gaming industry veterans, having worked on the largest AAA titles. They create vivid, rich, detailed immersive worlds in VR and AR for training and on-the-job support, ensuring first time right performance.

Projects include:

We love to work collaboratively with our clients to provide solutions that amaze and deliver results for business growth.

CUEi support some of the most recognised companies in the UK and abroad – Jaguar Land Rover, Bentley, Tarmac, Perkins Engines, Caterpillar, Epic Games, Costain, BAE Systems, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Highways England, Stena Line, Henley Business School, MOD, Hong Kong Police and Singapore Civil Defence.

The Core Team

Kate Williams - Office Services Supervisor

Kate holds a 1st Class Honours Degree from Exeter, she’s been the central cog in our administrative hub since the company formed in 2012. Kate manages all aspects of project management and customer communication from a development perspective. Kate thrives on being, and keeping others, meticulously organised. Outside of work, Kate enjoys longs walks in the countryside with her husband, son and dog.

Philipp Geyer - Senior Developer

Philipp has over 10 years industry experience, working on mobile, PC and games console projects, leveraging Unity and Unreal game engines, as well as custom made software. He has a passion for simulations and immersive technologies and getting things just right.

Gavin Cooper – Head of Art

Gavin is a highly creative artistic lead with three decades of professional experience in the design, video game and simulation industries. After graduating in 1990 from the renowned Coventry University Transport Design degree course, he has since worked in the UK and abroad in roles encompassing an extensive range of technical and creative disciplines.

Andrew King – Operations Director

Andrew has been in the corporate L&D space for 20 years. He's focused all of his work in the use of technology to enhance the learning experience in the Enterprise. He started playing with VR & AR applications whilst supporting a training organisation focused on emergency services provision. In recent years, Andrew has extensively explored the use of 'real time' game engines for non-games in the Enterprise space and is Operations Director at CUEi.

Justin Starck – Lead Technical Engineer

Justin is a senior programmer at CUEi with 15 years industry experience developing educational, entertainment and mobile software. Justin has worked on a wide array of projects ranging from traditional desktop applications to immersive VR and AR simulations using both the Unity and Unreal game engines.

Rob Baker – Senior 3D Artist

Accomplished 3D artist with over 7 years’ experience creating high quality, well optimised, real-time 3D models for use in game engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity. Past work includes console and iOS games, corporate customer experiences, military training apps, emergency service simulators, architectural and medical visualisations, and a range of virtual reality applications. He has a versatile set of skills including both environment and character art, game engine lighting and level design, graphic design, offline rendering and node-based shader creation.


Suzanne Tyers – Senior Developer

Suzanne is a full-stack mobile and web specialist with 15 years experience designing websites in the education sector, developing mobile solutions for startups from prototype to production, and creating 2d games and simulations.

Colin Tait - Business Development Manager

Colin has over 25 years’ experience of business development and implementation of technology based learning and performance support solutions for a wide range of blue chip, public sector and higher education clients. He has worked for several the major providers in this market sector. He is responsible for CUEi’s business development activity.