Real-time game engine technology in the enterprise

CUEi is a creative development studio specialising in enterprise use of game engine technology. We support some of the most recognised companies in the UK and abroad.

Our latest work

tarmac cover photo


Occupational Health

Interactive game to reinforce occupational health principles.

jlr cover photo

Jaguar Land Rover

Warehouse Training

Interactive game for new warehouse operatives to pick and deliver parts to a production line.

perkins cover photo

Perkins Engines

Shop Floor VR Maintenance Training

Maintenance staff training to reinforce correct process when carrying out work on the shop floor.


We create simulations to support collaborative design, product configurators and training applications where the alternatives are too dangerous, risky or expensive.


Virtual and augmented reality expertise applied to visualise complex data and environments using 360 photography, 360 video, CAD, BIM and 3D modeling.

Game Engine Tech

We deliver game based experiences and applied game mechanics through programming and experience design expertise for learning and behaviour change.